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Welcome to on Osprey books. Have you been surfing the 'net looking for information on Osprey military history books, well, here you have hit the mother lode. Here at your fingertips is all the information on Osprey books that you might want! Just take a look at these fascinating and brilliant books that have been published by Osprey Publishing. These guys certainly have made military history publications their niche! Recent Osprey books offer a comprehensiveness and depth which is excellent. As always Osprey books are accompanied by first rate artwork and colour plates. To take a look at the latest publications from Osprey Publishing click here. Some of the latest books include Warrior 89 US Cavalryman 1891-1920 and the new book series Osprey Battle Orders.

Whether you are interested in a particular historical military period or want to know more about a particular osprey book series, you will find it here. There are bibliographies, descriptions, reviews and information on each book. Want to know what other fascinating books have been published by Osprey Publications on the Napoleonic Wars, just take a look at our historical period listings, it is all here.

Are you interested in the Commanders during the conflicts? How about taking a look at the Osprey Elite series. Would you like to read a concise history of some of the personalities and conflicts of the British Empire during the reign of Queen Victoria 1837-1902. Check out Queen Victoria's Commanders. I found it fascinating, it starts each period by providing brief campaign outlines, then discusses the major commanders or military personal of note in each period.
Queen Victoria's Commanders

Historical Periods - here are just some of the periods covered - Ancient Warfare, Medieval Warfare, American War of Independence, Napoleonic Wars, Queen Victoria's Wars, American Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Falklands War, and Modern Warfare. Check them out!

Osprey Book Numerical Listings - here are just some of the series covered - Osprey Men-at-Arms, Osprey Elite, Osprey Warrior, Osprey Campaign, Osprey Order of Battle, Osprey Battles and Histories, Osprey New Vanguard, Osprey Essential Histories, and Osprey Fortress. Check them out!

The Gulf War 1991
March 20, 2003 saw the Gulf War re-erupted. 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' (OIF) brought about a regime change in Baghdad and with it new found freedoms for the Iraqi people. Victory was declared by the Coalition Forces in April 2003 bringing to a formal end the three week conflict. Reconstruction efforts in Iraq have begun, while Operation Desert Fox ferrets out remaining pro-Saddam and terrorist elements. December 16, 2003 brought news of Saddam's capture by coalition forces and June 28, 2004, saw the return of sovereignty to the people of Iraq.

Want to find out more about the current conflict in Iraq? It would be a good start to look again at the first conflict in 1991. This second conflict is the finishing of the first conflict rather than the start of a new conflict. Let's have a look at the Essential Histories range, here we have The Gulf War 1991 and in Battles and Histories there is Desert Storm Air Power : The Coalition and Iraqi Air Forces and Desert Storm Land Power : The Coalition and Iraqi Armies.

Is your interest the weapons of war? Take a look at the New Vanguard Series. A comprehensive collection of books on the machinery of war over the centuries. Besides the main battle tanks in use today, subjects include the Confederate Raiders, German Pocket Battleships and a mainstay tanks of the U.S. Army, the current MBT the M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank and previous MBT the M60 Main Battle Tank 1961-1991 . Read about thier performances during Operation 'Desert Storm' in the First Gulf War.
M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank

Do you game? Well, when I have been gaming, I have found these books immensely helpful and useful in providing painting guides of period uniforms. Take for example their Men-at-Arms 141 Napoleon's Line Infantry book, it shows the evolution of the line infantry's uniforms during the Napoleonic era, it provides the uniform colour guide for each line regiment, details the soldier's uniforms colours down to jacket, breeches, epaulettes, cuffs, plumes, cords, etc. As well as setting out quite intricately what regiments served, their service history and their regimental uniform colours. What is even better is that there are 8 full colour plates by professional artists depicting examples of these officers and soldiers. This is just one example from the Men-at-Arms series, there are many more.

Battle of Gettysburg 1863
Want to know about the Battle of Gettysburg? Check out the American Civil War, there is plenty of fascinating reading here. Essential Histories starts with The American Civil War (1) : The War in the East 1861-May 1863, while Men-at-Arms examines the soldiers in American Civil War Armies (2) : Union Troops. Then Elite examines the commanders in American Civil War Commanders (1) : Union Leaders in the East and Campaign examines the Battle of Gettysburg 1863 : High Tide of the Confederacy while Order of Battle examines the battle in detail across six books starting with Gettysburg July 1 1863 : Union : The Army of the Potomac.
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