on osprey books. This book examines the uniforms, equipment, history and organisation of the Austro-Hungarian Army of the Seven Years' War The Austro-Hungarian union itself is discussed. Osprey Men-at-Arms 6 : The Austro-Hungarian Army of the Seven Years War
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Osprey Men-at-Arms 6 : The Austro-Hungarian Army of the Seven Years War

This book traces the development of the dominance of the Austrian Hapsburgs in Eastern Europe as they established themselves as eventual rulers of Austria, Hungary, Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia. The Austro-Hungarian union itself is discussed, and the events of the Silesian and Seven Years' Wars are summarised. Silesia was the setting for severe fighting as the Austro-Hungarian army tried and failed to resist Prussian attempts to seize the region. The Seven Years War pitted Frederick the Great of Prussia against Maria Theresa of Austro-Hungary as each struggled for control of their respective empires and dominance of the continent. The organisation, uniforms and equipment of the army is examined and illustrated. Text by Albert Seaton with illustrations by R. Ottenfeld.

  • Introduction
  • Austria and the Holy Roman Empire
  • The Coming of the Hungarians
  • The Austro-Hungarian Union
  • Brandenburg-Prussia Challenges Austria
  • The War of the Austrian Succession
  • The First Silesian War
  • The Second Silesian War
  • Maria Theresa's Imperial Reforms
  • The Seven Years War
  • The Prussian Recovery
  • The Final Stages
  • Finale
  • The Plates


Osprey Men-at-Arms

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