on osprey books. Books describing the Armies and Units, Vehicles and Machines, Troops and Forces deployed during the Mexican American Wars 1846-1848. The Mexican American Wars 1846-1848
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Men-at-Arms Series
56    The Mexican-American War 1846-1848
173   The Alamo and the War of Texan Independence 1835-1836
214   US Infantry Equipments 1775-1910
272   The Mexican Adventure 1861-1867
398   The Texan Army 1836-1846

Elite Series
102   Santa Anna's Mexican Army 1821-1848

Campaign Series
89    The Alamo 1836 : Santa Anna's Texas Campaign

Essential Histories Series
25    The Mexican War 1846-1848
50    The Texas War of Independence 1835-1836 : From Outbreak to the Alamo to San Jacinto

The Eighteen Hundreds
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