on osprey books. Images of warrior women come down to us from most ancient mythologies. Nevertheless, for centuries fighting was primarily a man's job and this only begun to change in World War I. Osprey Men-at-Arms 100 : Women at War 1939-1945
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Osprey Men-at-Arms 100 : Women at War 1939-1945

Though for centuries fighting was considered primarily a man's job, the world wars of the 20th century demanded women's involvement in the war effort. By World War II women were playing a major auxiliary role in all branches of the armed forces. From the daring female fighter pilots of besieged Russia to the heroic American nurses on the front line, this book looks at the vital jobs that women undertook at a time of national crisis. Text by Jack Cassin-Scott with illustrations by Angus McBride.

  • Introduction
  • Great Britain
  • United States of America
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • The Plates


Osprey Men-at-Arms

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