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Aircraft Cutaways Series
Boeing Aircraft Cutaways : The History of Boeing Aircraft Company
Lockheed Aircraft : The History of Lockheed Martin
The Illustrated History of McDonnell Douglas Aircraft : From Cloudster to Boeing

Aviation Pioneers Series
1     X Planes : Research Aircraft 1891-1970 : A Unique Pictorial Record of Flying Prototypes, their Designers and Pilots
2     The Risk Takers : Racing & Record-Setting Aircraft : A Unique Pictorial Record 1908-1972
4     Lockheed's Blackworld Skunk Works : The U2, SR-71 and F-117

Civil Aircraft Series
The Concorde Story : 21 Years in Service

Colour Classics (Aviation) Series
5     Sky Trucks USA : Classic Propliners at Work
6     Jumbo Jetliners : Boeing's 747 and the Wide-Bodies: Liveries of the 1980s and 1990s

Colour Series (Aviation) Series
Boeing 747
Boeing Jetliners
Classic Jetliners

General (Aviation) Series
The Osprey Encyclopedia of Russian Aircraft

New Colour Series
Baby Boeings : Boeing 727's and 737's
Airbus Wide-Bodied Jetliners : A300s, A310s, A330s and A340s
Boeing 747-400 : The Mega-Top
Boeing 757 & 767 : The Medium Twins
Turboprop Commuters : ATR, BAe Jetstream, Bombardier DHC, Fairchild Dornier, Fokker, Embraer, Raytheon Aircraft, SAAB
McDonnell Douglas Jetliners : DCs and MDs
Tri-Jets : Tristars, DC-10s and MD-11s
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